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Below are some of the Basics you will need when you come on one of our adventures.

You will be made aware of any extra equipment that may be required for certain trips.

We reserve the right to refuse any vehicle we deem unfit for the adventure we are embarking on.

Your vehicle MUST be Licensed & Roadworthy.

* Complete service before heading out on extended adventures (mechanical, auto electrical and suspension/tyres)

* Good tyres fitted and spares are a must.

* Clearance under your vehicle is a bonus on most of our trips.

* A 5Watt UHF radio preferably built-in with continuous power supply.

(A 5Watt hand held is okay but please advise us if this is the case so we can position you in convoy appropriately)

* Tyre deflater and Air compressor to re-inflate tyres.

* Reliable tyre gauge and puncture repair kit.

* Rated Front & Rear recovery points. (Please note the cars tie downs and hooks are not rated recovery points.

If you are unsure of what rated recovery points are please ask.

* Vehicle Jack, jacking plate, wheel chocks, wheel brace & the lock nut for your studs if you have one.

* A decent long handled shovel (not folding type), Sand flag for sand driving, Recovery Gear, First Aid Kit, Tool kit

* Asst spares for YOUR vehicle (Belts, Hoses, Oils & Fluids etc)

Everything else you need for the trip i.e.. Food, Water, Chairs, Tables, Cooking gear etc

We carry most necessary recovery equipment but always a good idea to bring your own as well.


We will have a first aid kit on all trips.

Also a Sat phone & EPIRB when we go to more remote areas.


All adventurers must fill in an emergency form before heading off on a trip.

This is kept in your vehicle in the glove box for reference if something should happen to you.

All allergies and ailments should be listed.


On some of our adventures we find great campsites with drop loos, but most of the time its you and mother nature.

So you will either need to bring your port-a-loo, or grab your shovel and find a secluded spot away from camp to wander off and spend a penny. Toilet paper MUST be disposed of in an appropriate manner.

(This can be explained to you if you are unsure of what options there are)

Showers are generally BYO


Our trips are generally for tents & swags only.

There are a few adventures where Off Road Camper trailers & small boats will be ok.

We will make mention of what camping gear is suited for each adventure on the details page of each trip.

If you are unsure of what you can or can't bring on any of our trips just give us a call.


Most trips it is a big NO.

We love our pets but it is not advisable on most of our trips.

Mostly because we are in areas of widespread baiting (1080 & Strychnine) It is recommended that Dogs & pets not be brought along on trips for their own safety.

Plus they are not allowed in National Parks which we travel through quite often.

We will make note of any Dog/pet Friendly trips.


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