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Below is a checklist of items you might need when camping.

Remember even though it is easy to do, you should never over load your car, trailer or both. There are weight limits on vehicles and their trailers for your safety. You can google GVM to give you an idea of weights. 

Over the years we have packed every thing we can think of and slowly left more and more off the list each trip.

Of course the more remote you are going the more 'essential' items you will need to have on board.

You can learn to go without most items if left behind.

Pack wisely!

*NOTE- The below is only a basic guide and depending on trip length and number of people, packing should be reflective of camp ammenities, style of camping/glamping & your own personal needs.

Important- Water is your most precious & essential item to pack.

It is recommended that packing a minimum of  2 litres or up to 5 litres of drinking water per person, per day. (Hotter the weather the more water you will use)

Then you have to take into account other uses for water like Washing dishes & clothes, Showers,

General use, Cooking, Cleaning, Windscreen washer, Pets (If allowed on trip) etc..

Always better to have too much than run out!

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