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Ever been in a situation where you needed to reverse or manoeuvre your caravan or trailer into a parking or camp spot? Traveling solo and no one to help guide you in? Don't enjoy a yelling match with someone who is trying to help?

This is where we come in, giving you the confidence of doing it by yourself.

Your instructor Stretch has had many years experience driving trucks and reverse parking them in very confined areas, using only his mirrors.

So he has the knowhow to get you navigating yourself into that caravan or camp spot with ease.

Imagine being parked up in your spot, all setup and sitting back relaxing with a bevy in minimal time.

During this course we will show you how to reverse and manoeuvre your set up on your own.

You may be travelling solo or not always have some one there to help you out so learning the basics of self parking will be a valuable lesson. 

Meeting Point: We meet at your house then find an area where we can lay a course out.

Carpark at a school, shopping centre or any area that has an enough room to swing your trailer.

What you will need:

Your vehicle with extended mirrors as you need to see the both sides of your vehicle and trailer.

If you don't have fitted mirrors a set of attachable ones will be good enough for the day.

Also a radio, fixed or hand held for communications. (We can supply a handheld if needed)

Please remember that we are also running trips, so only various dates are available.

Generally Weekdays work best, there also may be some weekends when we are in Perth.

Please email or phone to arrange your bookings.

2-4 hour course $395 (One person)

Bookings within 30km of Perth CBD. 

*Please advise if you are further out as there may be additional costs for travel.

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