Max 6 Vehicles



This will be 3 days / 2 nights, exploring the beautiful bushland & coastline in the South West area.

We will be in the bush exploring the tracks & camping out for the night around a relaxing campfire.

Then the next day we will head across to the coastline to to spend a day having some fun in the

sand dunes and the beach tracks,

then we will stop for the day, set up camp and have some time to do some fishing, swimming or and have a fun afternoon relaxing on the beach.

The next day we will be exiting the beach area and heading back towards Perth via bush tracks

and back roads just for something different. 

So a bit of 'Turf n Surf' to mix the 4wding up a bit.

It will be a great weekend away and there are some great tracks to explore.

Depending on time of year the wildflowers can be spectacular.