Caravan/Camper Trailer

Manoeuvring Day - One on one

Meeting Point: Place of your choice, area must have really quiet streets or a local park with a car park.

We are willing to come to you anywhere within the metro area.

With over 20yrs experience reversing and manoeuvring trucks we can surely show you a thing or two about parking and moving your trailer with minimal fuss.

We will go through steps with you, and your partner giving you both the tricks of the trade to stop any arguments when trying to get your trailer into that camping bay.

Nothing embarrassing about getting some tips to making life a little easier.

Just think once you have mastered the ease of parking, next time you are at a caravan park you can both be sitting back with a coldie even sooner, with less stress and minimal effort. How does that sound?

You can also send someone a gift certificate for a reversing course. Know someone new to camping with a trailer, never reversed a trailer, or even bought a bigger car and has problems reversing now?

What a perfect gift. Stop the stress now before it begins.


Rates: $260 per vehicle

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